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I am able to answer any questions that need biblical answers. More specifically, I can deliver the answer that is best suited to the person's understanding while rightly dividing the word of God and delivering His message of truth.

Experience in the area

I am a published inspirational Christian author, (online and in print) who writes with the ability to discern the human heart. This approach has served me well, not only in my writing capabilities but also in my volunteer crisis work as well. A lot can be gained from a situation by tuning into what is not being said, and this speaks volumes in print as well. I also have a history that enables me to relate to most individuals,and when answering questions this experience has enabled me to gain trust and better help see a person through their situation or conflict.


Online ministry:

Publications ( type 'Shannon Gilmour' in Amazon's search for books )


Crisis training and experience, book writing, inspirational writing, online peer support work, Biblical knowledge through the study of the word.

Awards and Honors

Certificate of crisis training.

Past/Present Clients

I volunteered my time on the internet on It is a question and answer site and you will find my answers under the name srnityblu. ( I no longer participate in this site; as my own ministry website has grown.) I continue my volunteer work by working online for suicide outreach, again helping others reach their potential through biblical understanding. I have a suicide intervention and prevention course available. I have written and published a book entitled "Persistent Grace" at with another book that is due for publication early 2010 entitled "A Whiter shade of love" Both original works are an inspirational rendition of biblical characters discovering how the love of God has saved them from their worldly afflictions. I have also wrote about a very strange but real spiritual dynamic that is taking hold of the public's attention. If it was not for my own personal experience, I would not have written about this, but it has everything to do with God and there for needs to be said. It is a story about 'Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch' and I do not recommend the book titles I wrote for kids. Parental discretion is advised. Books about the spiritual side of bigfoot that I wrote about based on my PERSONAL encounters: "Non existent entities" and "The true existence of non existent entities". ( Available through me or at My latest book published is entitles ' Body & Soul: The necessity of food.' It is a book that helps believers in God understand the value of food as science and food marketers continue to devalue our food in such a way that we are suffering in sickness and disease. Discover the truth from scripture how food was meant to be enjoyed and handled as food is not always as it once was.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy learning about God because His Word is full of layers. The more you read the more you learn of His character. I have not always been a believer and it was hard for me to study God on my own. I enjoy sharing what God has shared with me through His Word and studying from the Hebrew perspective just adds to the depth of riches we can attain.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to help others understand the dynamics of this life through God's word. Everything is so much more complicated especially with the advancement of technology some where along the way, God is becoming left behind and I want to help strengthen others and help them discover a new found freedom in the Lord without rituals, and rules. If you want to know God, you can. It's that simple.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The word of God that was translated into other languages from the original Hebrew language has altered slightly because of the unique properties within the Hebrew language itself. Understanding God's word from the Hebrew language adds dimension to personal bible study.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The Hebrew language challenges the language barrier of all languages and therefore challenges the validity of our current version bibles. While they are a good start, our current bibles only speak about a God who is and was based on the meaning within the words of the current translation of the language and the mindset of the translator.

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