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I grew up a Seventh-day Adventist and am now married to an SDA pastor. In addition to my own personal Bible study, I have taken a number of college and graduate-level religion classes on various topics. I can answer your questions about SDA beliefs or culture in addition to general Bible knowledge questions, especially on the books of Daniel & Revelation.

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Sandi01/12/06101010Bless you and thank you Kendra.
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2008-07-12 I have a question and I'm SDA to !!!:

I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering so much trouble in trying to live your faith.  That can be really discouraging.    Good for you for looking for online resources!  One thing you might check

2007-12-25 Seventh Day Adventist Church:

Hi, Reese,    Thanks for your question!  While it's true that you would probably be encouraged to choose one church and stick with it, it's NOT true that anyone can prevent you from visiting or even attending

2007-10-25 Tithe:

Hi, Bianca,    The first thing I would do is talk to the pastor or an elder of your church.  Many churches have a deacon's fund to help support members who are having financial difficulties.  They may

2007-04-03 Guilty Again.:

Karen,    First of all, God DOES love you, no matter what.  John 3:16 tells us that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him will not die but have eternal

2007-01-02 help:

Jason,    I know how difficult it can be to battle the same sins over and over again.  After a while, you may begin to feel that you will never win and it is not worthwhile to be a Christian.    When I


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