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Currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies through Colorado Theological Seminary. Life experience in the areas of marriage (married for 10 years), divorce (suffered through a divorce), children (single father of 4 children), family, drugs (was a drug addict for ten years), salvation (experienced salvation through Jesus Christ), study the Bible every day.


Calgary Street Church (for 2 years until moved), Greenwood Baptist Church, Laurentian Wesleyan Church.


Currently studying toward a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies. Also studied Social Work at Canadore College.

Past/Present Clients

Prefer not to mention specific clients due to confidentiality reasons, however as a volunteer with the Calgary Street Church I counselled many people struggling to overcome drugs and prostitution.

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Recent Answers from Joseph Mulak

2015-03-24 Emotion:

I'm sorry. I don't really understand your question. We didn't create the concept of heaven and hell. God did. As for how it affected our emotions, this is really too general for me to answer. I cannot

2012-02-16 Short Answer,.:

No, I would not agree with this answer for the following reasons:    1. There is not short answer to the question "Why should I be a Christian?"    2. Many religions have answers to what happens in the

2012-02-07 About criminal accepted God:

The gospel writers used different methods of keeping time. Since Matthew, Mark and Luke were writing mainly for the Jews, they used the Jewish method of time-keeping (from sunset onward, and from sunrise

2012-01-29 Thanks giving for Unsaved:

I agree this tradition of thanksgiving for those who are unsaved is more than a little odd. Though I can't speak for everyone in this matter, I've thought about this a great deal and have come up with

2011-12-20 Is In Vitro Fertilisation a sin when you are not married?:

Nowhere in the Bible does God condone having children outside of marriage.  Even for his Son, Jesus, God chose His mother to be a married woman. I think this says a lot for how God feels about marriage


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