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Barbara Shafer (Seminary Gal now also at ) I am an Evangelical Christian who is willing to answer faith questions in a thoughtful, researched manner. In particular, my heart`s desire is to assist those who need answers regarding suffering and those seeking to reconcile the Christian faith with the field of science.

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I have a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I particularly enjoy apologetics (defense and explanation of the Christian faith) and systematic theology (understanding how the Bible itself supports various aspects of Christian doctrine). Both of these play a vital role in the "nuts and bolts" of evangelism... but the heart of Christian evangelism is love and compassion. A turning point for me was when I experienced the loss of my daughter Julia. Since then, my heart has been to help people who struggle to understand the Christian faith (and those who may be questioning the goodness of God) in light of the problem of evil and suffering. I've been informally answering Bible questions via other Internet avenues for over 10 years- to skeptics and believers alike. Thank you for blessing me with these opportunities.


Master of Divinity, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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Believer03/22/17101010Thank you for your thoughtful response.
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Charles09/05/16101010The expert is very knowledgeable.

Recent Answers from Barbara Shafer

2016-10-18 USA Election:

Thank you for permission.  :)  I won't use your last name but may title the series of posts "A Conversation with Priscilla" to make it as personal to the heart of every person reading it as it is to you

2016-10-17 USA Election:

Thank you, Priscilla, for your excellent questions and for trusting me to answer them.  There are so many competing voices in Christianity right now and sad to say, far more finger-pointing among Christians

2016-09-12 God's Hand on Earth:

Thank you so much, Toledo, for this question!  Wow, I must say this ranks right up there with the hardest questions I've ever received.  You're right: power can corrupt anybody and the Church is no exception

2016-09-05 Divorce:

Hi Charles, I love questions like this one!  It brings back all the joy of the pop quiz and reminds me how much I love to study.  There is great reward and satisfaction in seeing the fruit in questions

2016-06-19 dream explanation:

Hi Nomvula,  Thank you for the opportunity to try and answer your question.  I wish I had a more satisfactory answer for you.  I have not been gifted with the ability to interpret dreams and therefore


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