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I am a committed Christian, based in Scotland (UK). I work as a psychologist and have a real interest in people. My main interests are Christianity, understanding people, personality, spiritual gifts and relationships. I prayerfully respond to appropriate questions on Christian Living. Please pray for me as I respond to your requests...

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Experience in the area: I have been a Christian for over 12 years now and have also been involved with psychology for 13 years.


Church elder, qualified psychologist (but I'm answering questions as a Christian, not as a health professional)

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2016-08-01 Remarriage,adultery:

Dear Len    Thank you for your question.  I am sorry to hear about the pain this couple have been going through and what sounds some significant mental health issues.    It is my view that there are many

2014-06-16 Non-Christian Serious Boyfriend:

Dear Rory  Thanks for your question - apologies for the delay in replying.    Sometimes, when people have been brought up in a very conservative and at times judgemental Christian context, they can struggle

2014-04-16 Does Christianity and snake keeping go together?:

Dear Mika  Thank you for your question.    The Bible is fundamentally a collection of sacred texts that teach us about God and his relationship (covenants) with people.  There are no commandments about

2014-02-01 God in my life:

Dear Raul    Thank you for your question.  I apologise that work commitments have prevented me from replying sooner.    Your story of faith is fascinating, and I think there is a depth of authenticity

2013-08-22 Forbidden Woman?:

Dear Susan    Thank you for your question.    The wonderful promise we have when being a follower of Jesus is that we have the forgiveness of sins when we repent (turn back to God).  You have clearly repented


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