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I can support & encourage one who is doubting the concept of religion. Support the DOUBT that is! There is so much nonsense in the bible, and from the pulpit, that one cannot begin to explain it here. Accordingly, I`d be most effective in fielding questions regarding, "... why should I (not) believe the old (and easily discredited) teachings about faith & religion?"

Past/Present Clients

I worked for years as a counselor in a regional mental health center. I saw and helped hundreds of clients, from "adjustment reactions" to schizophrenia. Having excelled there, I moved on to other careers, utilizing my abilities to help hundreds more, and retire before age 50. Using my knowledge & experience, I raised 2 highly successful sons, and I'm currently the full-time devoted dad to my specially obtained precious 2-yr old.

What do you like about this subject?

This subject is important, yet often misunderstood. Through much experience, thought, study, and pain, I've arrived at a clear understanding of effective living that has remained intact & effective for years, through many challenges.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Having mastered the relevant concepts of effective living over 15 years ago, practiced & verified them in a variety of situations, I am satisfied with this level of achievment. I don't trouble myself or others with unnecessary concern about further change.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

All religions are defective, and in a number of ways, dangerous. The best thing we can do to improve things for others, as well as our self, is to replace all the mythology with REALITY.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

This subject (religion) is inherently controversial between many. Hence it provides the motivation for much of the strife & warfare throughout the history of civilization. Though it's not likely that any of us individually will have an earth-shaking impact, we can certainly improve & stabilize our own niche.

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Recent Answers from Marc Scharf

2016-03-21 infidelity:

115pm wed 3/23  hi kay;     thanx for ur question;     I understand that your situation is difficult, painful.     maybe this is an opportunity in disguise.      I too had a period of grief;   it led me

2014-01-14 communion at home:

9am tues2014jan14    hi, bryan;     Your question implies that you have somehow accepted the christian mythology.   I'm interested in providing you with the best information for helping you to live a happy

2012-08-04 am i fornicating?:

5pm sat.    hi zack;     good question; if you use the bible as your reference, you will probly get confused, if not very frustrated! it's a lot of nonsense BS; you will go nuts trying to make any sense

2012-04-09 question:

6AM MON, APR 9    hi, mel;  tho' it seems you're uncomfortable, maybe hurting,   I'M GLAD THAT THIS IS HELPING YOU TO REVIEW YOUR OLD BELIEFS!  AND YOUR QUESTIONS ARE GOOD ONES.   you ask, "... any suggestions?"

2012-01-29 Thanks giving for Unsaved:

7am cst, sunday, 1-29-12    OF COURSE it's unfounded!  which is no surprise, because the ENTIRE CHRISTIAN RELIGION IS UN-FOUNDED!!  THEREFORE, all the parts are UNFOUNDED!!    The following 2 references


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