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God has provided us with a manual on how to live life to the fullest - The Bible. If you are looking for God's opinion on a subject, since His is the only opinion that counts, I will do my best to look through the Bible and find it for you. All the answers that I give will have nothing to do with tradition, my opinion, or any of man's ideas. This does not mean that I know everything, but it does mean that we will be looking to the right Source for the answer to your question!

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2014-02-05 Did God talk:

Hi Raul,    Thatís a great question. God will speak to us many times through the day, if we will position ourselves to hear from Him and be obedient to what He tells us. One Scripture that helps me a lot

2011-01-19 Unsure Whether to Continue or End My Relationship:

Dear BL,    I can completely relate to the overwhelming amount of opinions and ďanswersĒ you have received, and how that is causing confusion. When I went through something very similar to what you are

2010-07-09 family matters:

Hi Wayne,    Thanks for your question! You are right in saying that Jesus spent a lot of time with non-believers. At the same time, He spent much more time with His Father. Before Jesus came to the earth

2009-12-31 baptism and the creator of earth,the god:

Hi Pekham,    Iím not sure if I understand your question, but based on some of the things youíve said, I can give you come scriptures from the Bible that will help you to think correctly in this area.

2009-06-18 Church won't let me reconcile...:

Hi Olivia    After reading through your questions, I donít have an exact answer for you that will put everything right in your life, but I have got a few ideas that will help you to get through for the


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