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Rt. Rev. Harold L. Trott, SSC


I am able to answer general questions on the Bible, Christianity, Christian Living, Theology, and devotional life.

Experience in the area

An Anglican priest, I have been in Holy Orders for 49 years and served in pastoral ministry all that time. I consider myself an Evangelical Catholic.


Society of the Holy Cross


B.A. cum laude in History M.A. Equivalent of an M.Div.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Young Educator in Albuquerque (1976) (Junior Chamber of Commerce)

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Randall04/02/16101010Thank you brother Trott....God Bless !!!!
Philip12/10/14101010Numbers 6, 24 to 26
Dave12/16/13101010Thank you so much
Dave12/16/13101010Dear Rev. Trott There really is no .....
Dave12/16/13101010Such a warm, understanding letter; makes me .....

Recent Answers from Rt. Rev. Harold L. Trott, SSC

2016-03-21 The Cross that was cover up in the church:

29 March 2016    Dear Randall,    My guess is that is the Cross was covered with purple, black, or red cloth. That is a practice of mostly liturgical Christians (like Anglicans, some Lutherans, and during

2015-12-12 God killing people in the bible:

12 December 2015    Dear Teresa,    The answer is that the Sacred Scriptures ARE authoritative and trustworthy; but it is a gross oversimplification to claim that "the God of the Old Testament" is a God

2014-02-05 Did God talk?:

5 February 2014    Dear Raul,    While there are many things about you and about your situation I do not know, I'll do my best to answer your question.    God speaking to you is what one would call a mystical

2013-11-10 Total loneliness, misery and bewilderment:

14 December 2013  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA    Dear Dave,    First, please forgive me for not answering your question the day it was sent to me. The fact is that I overlooked an important detail: I

2013-07-20 some questions:

3 August 2013    Dear Alex,    Even when my friends left, things remained crazy; but now I have made time to address your important issues.    Your two questions are deep; and it really would take at least


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