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Dr. Robert Ainsworth


I can answer questions regarding Christian discipleship, living the Christian life, Biblical history, theology and doctrines (teachings), especially from a non-denominational, Biblical perspective.

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I am an ordained minister with over 20 years of ministry experience including serving as a Senior Pastor, church planter, missionary and Bible College professor. I am a Biblical Counselor with an on-going Marriage and Family counseling practice.


I wrote a book on Church Planting and Church Growth which is being used as a textbook to assist pastors in under developed countries and I'm currently working on another book at this time. With the Lord's help it will be completed soon! You may visit my website at: and find a link to a weekly radio broadcast which is available through streaming media. We also have plans to post our radio program on youtube in the near future.


I have a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling and a Doctor of Biblical Studies. I am a licensed counselor with the NCCA.

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2015-01-20 One simple question:

I cannot help but wonder why you rejected the answer you expected. The answer I provided was the words of the Bible. Perhaps my mistake was in answering you from a source which you do not recognize as

2015-01-14 One simple question:

Joe, expirence has taught me that most people who ask this question, phrased in this way, are typically not interested in the answer but rather a debate. However, my answer is provided in the unlikely

2012-12-07 Costumes:

The need to seek discernment from the Spirit goes both ways.     Personally, I don't think it is wise to participate in Halloween at all so the question regarding a costume is mute.     Perhaps the "Stumbling

2012-08-27 question:

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the specific and deliberate act of attributing the works of the Spirit to those of Satan with the intent to cause harm, i.e., to lead others into sin or to create doubt

2012-08-21 pastor adjustment:

Pastors are people and the calling/anointing to minister does not circumvent their personality. It should make it more "God-like" but it doesn't make an extrovert out of an introvert.    My questions to


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