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Teacher of the Word of God. Willing to answer bible-based questions on Scriptural basis. Dr Cheong is the author of four books, viz, "Man`s Life Span according to God`s Word", "Deceiving the Elect", "From Creation to the Fall" and "Biblical Christian Living". He is a medical specialist by profession.

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josephine 02/04/14101010I respect and thank you for your .....
Nihal02/20/12101010Yes Hell & Heaven a real
sharon shevlin11/15/11101010thanks thats what we do at present .....
Nihal07/03/11101010Daer Dr Eddy, Thx for your answer .....

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2013-11-25 alters:

I am not familiar with family altars in your culture and context but in places where I live (Asia) family altars are places of worship rather than of respect. What you described i.e praying over the altars

2012-02-29 Relative status of some of the Ten Commandments:

Richard, I think you have valid concerns and I will endeavour to answer the questions one by one:    I would like first of all to take you back to the story of Rahab in Jericho. As you know, Jericho was

2012-02-15 Short Answer 4:

Well for one thing hell is very real..    Many times in the Gospels, our Lord Jesus taught about heaven and hell, viz,     Matt 7:21    21 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom

2012-02-07 About criminal accepted God:

The Bible says that Jesus (and the two thieves) were crucified at 9 am...  Mark 15:25-28    25 Now it was the third hour, and they crucified Him. 26 And the inscription of His accusation was written above:

2012-01-29 Thanks giving for Unsaved:

There is totally no scriptural basis for a thanksgiving service for a departed one, whether saved or unsaved. The New Testament is quite clear that when a Christian dies he goes to be with the Lord...


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