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Reverend Ramona C. Stonecipher


Hi! I'm an ordained minister with a Master Degree in Theology. I have spent several years preaching and teaching God's word. As a Pastor, and servant of the Lord, I can help you find answers to questions of faith. I can help you understand the difference between having a religion or having a faith. We can explore the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. I can help you cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus, the Christ of God. What I'm saying is, we can study the Word of God together. I can't solve your problems, but I can lead you to the One who can. I can't make you believe or have faith, all I can do is plant the seeds and introduce you to the One who is the Gardener. I can also tell you that God loves you and God is a God of second chances. I hope you'll accept my invitation to walk the Damascus Road together__. Welcome.

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United Methodist Minister Master of Divinity Teacher Bible Scholar Christian Counselor Counselor Suicide Prevention CPA Baptist Medical Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri


Concerned Women For America


Graduate: University of Nebraska Graduate Studies: Fairleigh Dickenson University, New Jersey Graduate: Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri

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Tia08/09/16101010Thank you so much!
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2016-08-28 Rom10:13 Calling on the Name of the Lord for Conversion:

My friend, you are a good person. I know you want to preach only what is Truth.  In all churches, from the beginning, we have   had 'man-made' laws thrown in by holy men who believed their interpretation

2016-08-26 Rom10:13 Calling on the Name of the Lord for Conversion:

Yes my friend. That is my belief.  I am saved through the grace of God. The moment of belief, I am sealed with the Holy Spirit. It's a beautiful thing.  I appreciate all the research you've done, as you

2016-08-24 Rom10:13 Calling on the Name of the Lord for Conversion:

Good Afternoon Greg, thank you for writing. I am a believer. I am ordained to serve in the Universal Church of God, and yes, I serve as an Ordained United Methodist minister.  Your email is very interesting

2015-07-19 Saying Grace Before Meals:

Greetings Kes! Thank you for writing.  I think it's wonderful that you wish to show your thanksgiving to God for how He has provided for you.  You know, special one, our Lord knows your voice and He looks

2014-11-07 Marriage and Finances:

Dearest Stephnie,  Thank you for writing and seeking spiritual counsel.  You sound like a very intelligent young lady who understands the Christian walk. Your husband cannot have it both ways dear one


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