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All kind of questions on Dietrich`s works as an actor and on her stage preformences. Her private life including The Brelin Years, family, affairs - both with males and femails. Her collaboration with Josef von Sternberg /which is the main area of my interest/. Other classical movie celebs like Garbo, Valentino etc. You can also ask question of the realm of movie history / german, russian, italian, franch, american, polish/ , no limits, including german expressionism, film noir, contemporary social and psychology drama. Wish not to be asked about contemporary cinema issues of Close East and China

Experience in the area

Four years of studing a film history, film critics and related works in film school. Being a former student of numerous polish directors like Andrzej Wajda /Academy Award Winner for Life Works/ and Krzysztof Zanussi /Golden Lion Award Vennice Film Festival/. Credits including collaboration on making 11 tv films, 2 feature asnd tv shows.


Polish Sociecty of Filmmakers


Zouth Magayin Against the Wind -avalible in Library of Congress


Master of Degree in Film History on Silesian Univercity, Poland, Kristof Kieślowski Filmmaking and Media Supervidsing College. Maaster of Degree on: The New Idea of Woman created in Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg`s Films.

Awards and Honors

Honour Diploma for Best Essay on Nobel Award Winners in Literature, published.

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