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I can answer questions on the Summer Olympic Games (1896 - 2004) regarding medal tables, questions on formality (e.g medal ceremonies) and any other Olympic themed questions that you may have

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I have been watching the Olympics reguarly since the Seoul games of 1988

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2015-09-14 Sportsman personalities excelling in more than one sport:

Absolutely there can be. The one that springs to mind straight away is Rebecca Romero (which as she is British is no great surprise) who won a silver in the Quad Sculls during the rowing regatta at the

2012-11-29 Olympics Expert:

Well, I'm from Wales in the United Kingdom, so that rules me out sorry, but I am a member of an organisation who might be interested. Could you e-mail me more information to

2012-07-28 Olympic events:

Here's the reason why baseball will not be appearing at the London Games (and hopefully it will allow you to work out why it was there from 1992 - 2008)    (Source: Wikipedia)    At the IOC meeting on

2012-07-28 Olympic events:

There are two main criteria for an sport to be included in the Olympics. One, the international federation of that sport must align itself with the IOC's own code (i.e they must follow IOC rules on doping)

2011-09-20 Card Indoor Game:

or as I would call it "What to do when it is chucking it down with rain!"    Most experts agree it was the Tang Dynasty in China that first played cards. I am sure there is an international Bridge Federation


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