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I can answer questions pertaining to military HMMWVs. I can also answer questions on other military trucks to include M35A2, M800 5tons,M900 5tons, M916 CUCV, HEMMT, M113A2, M113A3 and miscellanous ground support equipment. I cannot answer questions about civilian Hummers; they are very different from their military counterparts.

Experience in the area

I have been a mechanic in the military for 16 years.


US Army Ordinance Corps


63Y Track vehicle mechanic school, 63B wheel vehicle mechanic school, 62B construction equipment mechanic school, Warrant Officer Basic Course.

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chad gerner02/16/10101010Ted's the man good job aces all .....
chad gerner02/16/10101010Thanks Ted ill try that ur the .....
Ralph02/02/10101010Timely response, offered continued support

Recent Answers from Ted

2016-10-05 oil check:

Gabe,    I am not sure what kind of vehicle you have but the owners manual is always the best place to start. If the oil is showing up in the crosshatch area that is the reading I would use. When I check

2016-02-24 Hummer H3 2006:

Antonio,    You need an "exhaust flange gasket" or "Doughnut gasket" it is a semi-soft gasket made out of a lead composite material and will crush to seal between two flanges. This gasket is located between

2012-05-25 m35a2:

Andrew,        I suggest the following.    malfunction 18 step 1         On the side of the injector pump. Look for the fuel shut-off linkage (Timing cover window)  remove the cover and ensure that the

2011-01-27 brake control on 1008:

Allen,      Not sure what kind of brake controller you are using. I recommend using the brake light switch for power to trailer brakes(brake applied)( White Black wire #913 on stop light switch under dash)

2010-02-14 k5 blazer:

VOLTMETER INOPERATIVE OR IN YELLOW (UNDERCHARGE) ZONE; GENERATOR LIGHTS  OPERATING PROPERLY (ALL EXCEPT M1010)  Step 1. Check alternator belts for looseness or damage. (See paragraph 4-2)  Step 2. Check


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