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How to protect your idea and save money. Who to trust and who not to deal with. Investors, lawyers and other folks who may or may not be your friend. How to figure out if your idea makes economic sense before you waste your time and money. Deal points with a license deal. Answer for should you build a company around your idea or license it out. How to get competitive information.

Experience in the area

I have about 2 dozen issued and pending patents and make some really money along the way. I been inventing full time since 1989. I have learned how to write my own pending patents without a law degree. I have earned a prize in an international product design competition.


Various independent inventors groups


US Patent Office


I have a BS from San Jose State.

Awards and Honors

Awards from the US Dept of Energy and Medical Device Design Competition.

Past/Present Clients

Companies ranging from $10 billion to 200 million, but I signed secrecy agreements.

What do you like about this subject?

It sure beats working a real job.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

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Solve the twin fears of fear of success and fear of failure and you are almost there allready.

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2017-01-05 molds ready:

Jerry,  The first thing you need to do is get a good non-compete agreement. You can get them for free on line but just read the expensive ones in the library or book store to choose the best free one.

2015-02-19 Patent:

Forget the invention companies as they are crooks. The only place that can tell you about the patentability is a patent lawyer but they are expensive. I would recommend that you read about filing a provisional

2013-06-07 Infringing on another Patent:

Tuan,  I would advise you to read "Patent Pending in 24 Hours" By Pressman. If you cannot get around their patent I would ask for a license and pay them a royalty, and/or, after you file a PPA, show them

2013-01-30 Combining two existing products to sell as one:

Gerard,  This is a tricky question relative to can you get a patent on combining 2+ products of another company. The first question is are these products patented. Do the products have markings regarding

2012-10-05 Licensing Agreement:

Your questions are not specific enough for me to say anything that could help you. There are a bunch of licensing agreements online both as a boiler plate or real examples of licensing agreement. There


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