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I am a practicing pharmacist.On my drug information website, I have answered hundreds of questions to date. The articles posted on my site include Parkinson`s disease. depression, menopause, diabetes, sleep and aging, congestive heart failure, calcium channel blockers, thyroid hormone replacement therapy, ADHD, multiple sclerosis an more.

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I have experience in retail as well as hospital pharmacy pracice. Currently working in a hospital pharmacy. I am experienced in drug information. Over the last 6 years I have developed a successful web site for drug information.

The addressfor my drug information website is http://www.druginformation.bc.caThere you can read articles on varios areas of health interest. You can also leave me questions which I will personally answer. I also have a free health information newsletter called The Caplet. To subscribe send e-mail to

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Recent Answers from Eric Brandt

2016-10-26 multiple antibioitics:

Hi Orlando,  Dentists prescribe antibiotics for 2 reasons. The first is to treat infections, and the second reason is to prevent complications following a procedure. I do not know what the doctor found

2016-09-13 hives:

Hi Howard,  You first need to find the cause of the hives and avoid it. Hives can be relieved by calamine lotion, also Bactine spray which has an anti infective and local anesthetic can temporarily relive

2016-08-30 medication:

Hi Jan,  Bactrim is usually a reasonable antibiotic for urinary tract infections. However, as I said earlier, it is best to determine which bacteria is in causing the infection and treating with an appropriate

2016-08-30 medication:

Hi Jan,  No medication is free of side effects. Bactrim is no exception. Using an antibiotic when it is not necessary or the incorrect one can lead to bacterial resistance. An antibiotic should be utilized

2016-08-29 Multivitamins for ADHD and fibre:

Hi Gabi,  I can not offer you much in the treatment of ADHD or encropresis. I once attended a lecture by Dr Gabor Mate on ADHD. This is a childhood development issue where a child may be very sensitive


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