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I am a practicing pharmacist.On my drug information website, I have answered hundreds of questions to date. The articles posted on my site include Parkinson`s disease. depression, menopause, diabetes, sleep and aging, congestive heart failure, calcium channel blockers, thyroid hormone replacement therapy, ADHD, multiple sclerosis an more.

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I have experience in retail as well as hospital pharmacy pracice. Currently working in a hospital pharmacy. I am experienced in drug information. Over the last 6 years I have developed a successful web site for drug information.

The addressfor my drug information website is http://www.druginformation.bc.caThere you can read articles on varios areas of health interest. You can also leave me questions which I will personally answer. I also have a free health information newsletter called The Caplet. To subscribe send e-mail to

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Hrsvdan02/18/17101010Thanx for response with amazing clarity
Barry01/19/17101010Thanks so much Eric
Amy 01/12/17101010He got back to me very fast .....
Deborah01/04/17101010Thank you very much for this response .....

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2017-02-21 Making Prozac solution from capsules:

Hi Amr,  I can not recommend you do this as I do not know what the stability of the final product would be. Compounding drug stores can make that for you if the commercial product is not available in your

2017-02-17 atenolol vs metoprolol:

Hi Hrsvdan,  Metoprolol and atenolol are both beta blockers with similar indications. They differ in their duration of action. Metoprolol is available as a sustained release medication which can decrease

2017-02-15 taking Motrin:

Hi Chris,  it is ok to break the 600 mg tablets in half. However the jagged edges that result may still make it difficult to swallow. There are 300 mg tablets and you could take two of them.  Thank you

2017-01-24 Curious:

Hi Dan,  There are many alternative medications to your combination for treating anxiety and depression. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are widely used and have fewer side effects.In this

2017-01-18 Citalopram:

Hi Barry,  It has been documented before that. Medications such as Citalopram can be beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome. The gut has serotonin receptors similar to those fond in the brain and Citalopram


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