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Mary E Scott, RPh, CGP


I am a certified geriatric pharmacist with over 23 years experience as a long-term care consultant to nursing homes. I also do community-based consulting on an individual basis. My facility-based monthly newsletter on pharmacy topics is read by nurses in over 200 long-term care facilities in 5 states.

Experience in the area

I received a BS in Pharmacy in 1980 with post-graduate work in public health. I have had a Consultant Pharmacist license since 1984.


American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
.I received certification in geriatric pharmacy in 1998.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy helping seniors feel more confident about taking their medications, and to avoid problems when they are on multiple medications.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am currently starting to develop a community-based consulting service for individuals in assist-living facilities and those residing at home.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are many ways to save money on your medications. If you are concerned about a loved one taking too many medications,check it out! It is possible to develop a relationship with your neighborhood pharmacist no matter how busy he/she seems in order to get your questions answered.

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Recent Answers from Mary E Scott, RPh, CGP

2016-05-16 change of meds and polypharmacy:

HiPhilip,  Depakote and lamotrigine are both anitseizure meds but normally used as mood stabilizers. If 1 is not effective, the other med can be tried.  Lokewis, sertralone and venlafaxine are both antidepressanrs

2016-05-16 elderly mum exhaustion:

Hi, I would not recommend any kind of sleeping medication.  As far as the exhaustion is concerned, Is she getting any kind of exercise or does she just sit in a chair all day?   If there is no physical

2016-05-13 elderly mum exhaustion:

Hi, Philip,  You did not mention if she is taking any other medications.  I would be happy to look over her medication list and make recommendations. Mary

2015-11-15 labetalol:

Hi, Howard,  First of all, how old are you? Older people metabolize medications at a slower rate and , depending on the drug, this can affect how long it stays in your body.  If you are over 65 and or

2015-01-21 Noritriptoline:

HiKaren,   Nortriptyline in persons older than 65 yrs can cause problems because it is not metabolized as fast so side effects are more common.  That being said, 40mg a day is not that high of a dose.


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