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I've lived in, travelled around and written a lot about the German state of Bavaria over the past three years. I'd be happy to answer any questions about Bavaria, and in particular those to with Munich, travel to the region, history and local cuisine.

Experience in the area

Three years living in Bavaria and studying German, as well as travelling around and reading a lot about the country.


-Two-and-a-half years experience at the Colac Herald (a regional Australian newspaper)as a staff journalist. -One year as a staff journalist at the Hume Leader newspaper (a suburban Melbourne paper). -Paid travel writing for websites, and -I own and write a travel website about Munich and Bavaria.


Bachelor of Science (Major: Psychology), Bachelor of Arts (Major: Literature), Batchelor of Letters (in Journalism) from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

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Recent Answers from Stuart Anderson

2010-10-10 Traveling to germany:

Hi Veronica,    I would take the train!    To to ,  that's the English site for the Deutsche Bahn, (German Rail).    See the box on the left?  Put in Nuremburg

2010-09-29 Fussen:

Hi there,  I've written a pretty informative webpage about Schloss Neuschwanstein, the main castle at Fussen, at .....    I hope

2010-09-15 public transport:

Well,  you could try either getting a bus or a ride in a private car going to Munich.  There are details and links for how to use both of these services on my website at  http://www.destination-munich

2010-09-11 Munich to Berlin:

Hi Randall,  If you've only got a week, I wouldn't stop off anywhere in between Munich and Berlin, but I'd perhaps make a few day trips from the two cities.    You can visit my personal website http://www

2010-08-21 Transportation:

Hi Jorge,  thanks for your question.  For that kind of distance I'd try to get a flight first, check out or and compare prices.  Keep in mind though that flights drop off


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