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Andreas Moser


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German history, politics, law, business, culture, everyday life.

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I am German. I was born in Germany and lived there for 33 years. I studied law in Germany and practised as a lawyer for 7 years.


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Law Degree: Universitšt Regensburg MA Philosophy: Open University (ongoing) BSc Development & Economics: LSE (ongoing)

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2016-03-26 Power, national greatness before WW2:

Hello James,    that's another subject about which whole books have been written, so I'll only give my short interpretation of events here:    Germany kind of slid into WW1. The big mistake was giving

2016-03-25 Power, national greatness before WW2:

Hello James,    well, that's a question that would take books to answer. Or at least some hours with a cigar and a gin-tonic. :-)    Nationalism was a prevalent sentiment of the time (although there were

2015-05-17 Identifying Pre World War One Shoulder Strap:

Hello Kyle,    based on this chart it could be the shoulder strap of the 7th line regiment (see bottom of the chart) of the Reichsheer between

2014-08-22 Citizenship hopscotch through German immigration law:

Yes, you will be able to apply for German citizenship.    You actually don't need to use your wife for that purpose at all because due to living in Germany, you can apply for German citizenship after 6

2013-07-22 parenting in Germany:

Hello,    you made the mistake of asking a lawyer :-) so I will first point you towards the child custody law in Germany:


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