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All about Munich (München) and the state of Bavaria (Bayern), related cities and towns, culture, history, travel highlights and assistance, also up-to-date information and about future events like Oktoberfest 2007, exhibitions, fairs or concerts... Any question generally about Germany or Europe too.

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Live and work in Munich (12 years)




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Really a "Culture Shock"! Germans and Bavarians may be very different and even weird! :-)

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Learn German properly!

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Bavaria is an autonomous region with it's own parliament and special laws.

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Help with information about World War II and research for people wanting to step back in the past of their relations and ancestors....

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Recent Answers from Rangutan

2016-07-10 Ruendorf Germany:

.... Bamberg I think.    >>>

2016-07-08 Ruendorf Germany:

Hi, this information is very easy to find on the internet, recherché! ...use Google-translator if necessary. Zooming in to Google-Maps will show current places with the web-links.    http://www.frensdorf

2016-05-06 Jobs in Germany:

Hi,  "America"?, you mean USA?  The job market in all western countries are nearly the same. Germany is very diverse in regions, the north is more industrial and the south more agriculture oriented.  Here

2016-05-04 Location of Heimweiber?:

Hi,  my resources are perhaps the same as yours. I find no current place in Germany with the name "Heimweiber" (Engl: Home women, house-wife). The names of places changed during the many wars in Europe

2016-04-13 Rheindorf Germany:

Sorry, I meant to write : " called Rheindorf in Bavaria...."!    I found, in old texts, no "Reindorf" in Bavaria but a "Reindorf" near Cadolzburg (previously Edadolspurg?)near the current city


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