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Driving and steering for disabled people. Life's experiences with bum shoulder's and pain. Tips on how to drive again. How to regain ones independence by driving with new technologies or finding easy steering automobiles. Car buying, test drives, zero effort steering options, drive by wire training and certification. 1st hand knowledge of medical procedures for nerve damaged patients.

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Car buying, test drives, zero effort steering options, drive by wire training and certification.


Temple University 1979 Insurance & Risk major with minor in Businness Law. Life's journey with limited or no use of arms.

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2015-08-05 Is my car considered poor for trade-in value?:

Thanks for the question. I'm not a car appraiser however an eleven year old car with wear and tear as you described may be worth between 1,000 - 2,000 on a trade. The higher the new car price the higher

2015-04-29 Donating a car:

I'm pretty sure the charities sell, or flip the auto donations quickly to take the cash. I guess this scenario is a legal matter. I'm no lawyer but I would look into transferring ownership legally to the

2014-09-28 Power Steering functions.:

All functions can be  modified for those disabled persons wishing to drive. Steering, turn signals, rain wipers, brakes, accelerator, etc. sometimes a joystick control is utilized as are other types of

2013-06-28 Salvaged Title Worth:

I'm unsure of the meaning of "salvaged title" however many web sites offer free valuations of used cars. KBB.COM and EDMUNDS.COM are two sites which will offer detailed and accurate values providing you

2012-12-10 Cancelling an Auto Sale:

At 18 years old your son is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Pennsylvania law allows sales to be cancelled with in 3 days if the sale took place at your home but this does not apply when you


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