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Have sold pre-owned autos for many years, can assist in picking vehicle, financing tips and approximating payments and costs.

Experience in the area

have been a sales manager as well as sold pre-owned vehicles.


Bachelor of Science degree

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Lee01/05/17101010Your advice much appreciated.
Dee07/12/15101010Thanks a lot for everything Steve, now .....
Dee07/11/15101010Steve's reply came in extremely fast and .....

Recent Answers from Steve

2017-01-05 leased car:

Hi Lee,  If you continue the lease, yes it is cheaper, but you are still renting the car. I do not recommend re-leasing, nor buying it, but if miles are good, car is in good shape, then yes it is a viable

2016-11-08 lease buyout:

Hi Peg,  Not sure, but what sage are you at??? I would call the leasing company and ask them if you can use your own financing, they should let you, but other than that I do not know what docs you have

2016-01-02 used car bought from private seller:

Hi Sal,  As far as I know in Florida, a private sale is as is, and no cooling off period, so I do not think there is any return policy. I would recommend calling an attorney who will know if you have any

2015-12-08 Title issues:

Hi Andrew,  Did you run a Carfax??? It should have showed on it that the car was lemon lawed. Does the dealer have to disclose, most likely not. I believe you are out of luck, because it is always "buyer

2015-07-16 Buying a New Car 100% Cash:

Depending on the dealerships rules, if you know the exact amount they may require a cashiers check, or you may be able to have the money wired, or if they take a personal check (most unlikely) and hold


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