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Have sold pre-owned autos for many years, can assist in picking vehicle, financing tips and approximating payments and costs.

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have been a sales manager as well as sold pre-owned vehicles.


Bachelor of Science degree

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2016-11-08 lease buyout:

Hi Peg,  Not sure, but what sage are you at??? I would call the leasing company and ask them if you can use your own financing, they should let you, but other than that I do not know what docs you have

2016-01-02 used car bought from private seller:

Hi Sal,  As far as I know in Florida, a private sale is as is, and no cooling off period, so I do not think there is any return policy. I would recommend calling an attorney who will know if you have any

2015-12-08 Title issues:

Hi Andrew,  Did you run a Carfax??? It should have showed on it that the car was lemon lawed. Does the dealer have to disclose, most likely not. I believe you are out of luck, because it is always "buyer

2015-07-16 Buying a New Car 100% Cash:

Depending on the dealerships rules, if you know the exact amount they may require a cashiers check, or you may be able to have the money wired, or if they take a personal check (most unlikely) and hold

2015-05-25 Best affordable compact SUV to buy?:

December is like any other month, but sometimes it is not better because they expect to sell more cars that time of year. Go to    you can sign up for free and look at forums and see what


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