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Are you having a disagreement with someone about an artist or recording from the 50s to the 80s? Has a song been running through your head and you just can`t think of who had the hit? Looking for information on Rock and Pop Music collectibles? I`ve been a music/talk host on the radio for over thirty years, deal in music collectibles and love to share information about all of it.

Experience in the area

Over 35 years as an on-air radio personality playing many types of music, but primarily popular and rock. Over 25 years mobile DJ work. Collector and dealer in Rock and Roll and Pop memorabilia.


Acquire, the Collector's Magazine


B.A., Journalism, Rutgers University with courses in broadcasting.

Awards and Honors

Best Public Service Program, NJ Association of Broadcasters, 1986

What do you like about this subject?

The feeling that rock and pop music gives of bringing people together with an enjoyment common to all. Yeah, OK, I like people to think I know a lot, too!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I find it fascinating (and heartwarming) that people in their teens and twenties today can often relate to their "parents' music" better than their parents were able to identify with that of the previous generation, because of a connection and continuity between the music of the 60s/70s and today that did not really exist between the Rock music of the 60s and 70s and that of the early 50s.

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Recent Answers from Mike Jarmus

2016-03-02 Mystery Instrumental: Please Help!:

Hi, Diane,    Even with your very thoughtful and detailed description of the song, off the top of my head I cannot come up with one that I think meets all the criteria. The list at the following link may

2013-08-09 Song: One Fine Day ('60s):

Hi, Sue,    Sorry for the delay.    Your are correct. It was definitely The Chiffons and a great song. It peaked at #5 on the Billboard Singles Chart in July of 1963. Their biggest hit was, of course,

2013-02-13 artist or composers name:

Hi, Tony,    This is one of my favorites songs from that era (by the Outsiders), but I'm not really up on MP3 downloads. If you haven't found it, it might not be out there. I have it on a CD collection

2011-12-18 Song:

Hi, Andre,    Sounds like it's "Love is Alive," by Gary Wright, from 1976. Only thing is his lyric is "My soul's on fire..." rather than "My heart..."  I think it, or a version of the lyrics, was also

2011-11-03 Top Songs of the 50s:

Hi, Will,    Although I could be wrong, my understanding is that Billboard's Top 100 chart began in 1955, based on sales. The Hot 100 debuted in 1958, taking into account retail sales, radio play and juke


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