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Anything casino related, including questions on Table Games, Slots, Security, and Surveillance.

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I have been in the casino industry for over twelve years. I began as a Security Officer/EMT, then was promoted to Security Supervisor & EMT Supervisor. From there, I transferred to Surveillance, where I have been for almost ten years.


On-the-job training in Surveillance, including rigorous training and testing in all aspects of the casino.

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2015-08-05 Odds:

Vince,    Let's start with the 1:1 odds. Technically, you're correct. The player would have $20 at the end, but you have to remember that $10 of that is his original wager. So, when you want to know the

2014-11-10 slotmachines programming:

Daniel, as far as I know, slot machines are not using dark currents for their seeding. Most use something outside to get the seed; I've seen temperatures and noise used. In addition, the machine is constantly

2014-05-14 slots:

I don't know what your friend means by "clean their hard drives." Despite that, though, there is no time of day that makes a machine looser or tighter. The payback is a long-term percentage derived from

2013-05-03 watch you:

The machines cannot be "rigged." Every slot machine on every casino floor has passed rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds all regulations. These regulations in any jurisdiction state that a slot

2013-04-20 keno:

Daniel,    In most areas, the keno machines must pass rigorous testing to ensure it is fair. This testing is completed by a third party, apart from the manufacturer of the equipment and the company using


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