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Phillip J. Boucher


Author of the book, "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A Technician Reveals the Truth About One-Armed Bandits", ISBN 1-55270-049-6 published by Productive Publications under the pen name Ian B. Williams. I can answer any question related to the concept, design, marketing, programming, operation, installation, repair, and maintenance of slot machines, video poker machines, and video lottery terminals, and their related equipment and machinery, within the regulated gaming industry. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER RELATED TO THE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF GAMING MACHINES, INCLUDING QUESTIONS SUCH AS "I JUST BOUGHT A SLOT MACHINE AND IT DOESN'T WORK...". I can help dispel all the myths and misconceptions that have permeated the print and news media about slots over the years. I can also answer questions related to gambling addiction in general and slot machine addiction in particular. Each question will be answered truthfully, without bias, whether the answer is what the questioner wants to hear. I will not propagate the myth that there are secrets to winning or beating slots, because there are none. There are no methods or tricks or other such nonsense that a lot of people think there are. I`m sorry, but reality in regard to slot machines can be a big letdown! I won`t lead anyone on. Want to know the real truth? Just ask. I can also answer general questions related to casinos except for table games.

Experience in the area

I have over seventeen years experience as a slot machine technician for two major North American casinos, one racetrack slot facility, and am a Certified Gaming Machine Repairperson. I am the author of, (writing as Ian B. Williams), "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A Technician Reveals the Truth About One-Armed Bandits", ISBN 1-55270-049-6 published by Productive Publications.


Certified Gaming Machine Repairperson

What do you like about this subject?

Slot machines are simple electronic devices that have the most mystery and mystique surrounding them, and I find the myths and misconceptions that abound about slots fascinating.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To keep up with the newer types of games although the technical aspects of these machines never change. I hope to make people aware of the real way slot machines work so they can have fun playing the machines, rather than become frustrated because they didn't win. To dispel all the myths and misconceptions about slots.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Slots are 100% random. "Luck" is what determines whether you win or lose. There is no such thing as "hot" or "cold" machines. There is no such thing as "loose" or "tight" machines.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

-Debts, bankruptcy, family break-ups, suicides, and murders have resulted from slot machine addiction, and this addiction is directly related to slot myth and misconception -Most people who write about slot machines are simply players of slot machines, and seem to just rehash the same old garbage that is out there about slots.

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Philip, sorry, but as per my posted profile I do not answer questions related to the private ownership of slot machines. Phil


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