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I'm a skilled, recreational player of video poker (VP) and other casino games. I can answer questions regarding VP etc strategies, and also the "meta-game" of getting maximum comps from the casino for your play

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Many years of playing video poker, blackjack, poker, and other casino games, as a "mid-roller" (quarter-to-dollar level as a VP player).

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2012-06-29 on-line poker and odds calculators: will give you all the information you need re choosing an online poker room. Since you're a beginner, I think the most important thing is to get some basic strategy, by checking

2011-11-15 blackjack:

Good and Bad are philosophical concepts that have nothing to do with proper blackjack play. When you ask a question, be clear and precise. Your most profitable strategy in blackjack depends on PRECISELY

2011-11-12 blackjack:

Learn a basic blackjack strategy, from a site like    If you learn to count cards, then you have some chance of making a living from playing blackjack. That requires

2011-11-11 blackjack:

I assume you're talking about e.g. playing a bet on red in roulette, in which the result is totally random (you have no advance knowledge of whether the next roll is red, black or green), and you change

2011-11-11 blackjack:

It depends what type of "blackjack machine" you're talking about. Also, I'm here to answer questions about gambling. In other words, I can tell you about how you should play to maximize your chances of


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