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Limit Texas Hold'em. No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Online Poker. No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments. 1st Place -- Viejas $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament. 1st Place -- Fort McDowell Casino $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament.

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Semi-successful cash and tournament hold'em player. Fairly knowledgeable on Poker Theory and Pot Odds.


Masters Degree

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1st Place -- Viejas $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament. 1st Place -- Fort McDowell Casino $50 Buy-in No-limit Tournament

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Kenneth11/26/12101010Dear Al, Thank you so much again .....
Gary12/24/08101010thank you very much

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2014-02-20 cards:

Hi Phil: I assume you are talking about Panguingue.  I think the average age of Pan players is Dead!  I did see them running a Pan game in the Asian game room at the Bicycle Casino many years ago.    Anyway

2012-11-25 Online Roulette:

Hi Again, Ken: In response to your 2 questions --    1.  I wonder if you might be able to suggest how I might discover whether such as Ladbrokes must be compelled by law to maintain their number generator

2012-11-24 Online Roulette:

Hi Kenneth: I don't play roulette myself.  But I do know how it works and the odds behind it.  From a mathematical perspective, I don't think there is a system or strategy out there that will overcome

2012-06-29 on-line poker and odds calculators:

Hi Donald: I have found these tools useful for "pre-game and post-game" analysis.  But I have never used them either in a live or online situation.      One reason for this is that in online poker, you

2012-06-13 Casino:

Hi Anne: This is a sad story that goes beyond my knowledge and expertise of poker and gambling in general.  But I'll give it a try.    Like everything in life, going to casinos and playing games of chance


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