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I can answer questions about legal and regulatory issues relating to franchising. Also I can answer questions about all aspects of operating a franchise company, having run a 450 unit franchise company for some years. Finally I can answer questions about choosing and carefully investigating a franchise investment opportunity.

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For some years I ran the Carvel ice cream shop franchise company which had approximatedly 450 outlets. I am the only private practice franchise attorney in the country who has first hand experience operating a franchise company. I have handled extensive litigation involving franchise disputes. I represent new franchise company startups on a regular basis and I represent franchise buyers. Our firm does a great deal of strategic and tactical business consulting for franchise industry clients.


Former Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association Franchise Committee American Bar Association Form on Franchising Board of Directors of Lincoln College of New England


J.D. University of Virginia School of Law, 1984 B.A. History, Yale University, 1981 M.B.A. University of New Haven, 1992 M.A. History, University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1984

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Claude04/13/11101010I realy apreciate your answer, you have .....

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Claude:    I am sorry that I have taken so long to answer your very interesting question.    I actaully know a fair amount about international telecom because a franchise industry client has another business

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You have asked several questions, and all are, sadly, impossible to answer without reviewing the documents that you signed back in 2009. Questions of one’s rights under complex contracts are rarely simple

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