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I am an avid movie buff who reads and writes a lot about the subject. My expertise falls mainly in the talent department, specifically writers, directors and actors. I am also a fan of movie scores and have a vast knowledge in that department as well. I have often been described as a "walking, talking movie encyclopedia" so feel free to send any of your movie questions my way!

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studying to be a director; written a few scripts


high school graduate; some college

What do you like about this subject?

Everything! Movies can be a powerful, persuasive, informative tool...

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2016-10-17 Hitchcock and the Exorcits:

Unfortunately, there is no written record that Hitch ever saw "The Exorcist" or commented on it. However, here is a cool anecdote involving Hitch and "Exorcist" filmmaker William Friedkin:    In fact,


A sequel could be an addition to a series that has no continuing story but retains the same characters from the previous film (i.e. "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard"), while an installment continues a story

2016-04-05 Scary / fear inducing scenes:

For 1) ANACONDA  comes to mind.    For 2) There is a fight scene in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (with Frank Sinatra) that fits your description. Also, see THE HUNTED (with Benicio Del Toro)    You can also

2014-09-02 how to submit movie critic on

Hi there,    IMDB allows anyone to sign up and post critiques/comments of movies you have seen on their forums - just create a user account. As far as credentialed reviews, have you thought of starting

2014-06-08 Back to the future:

If you are talking about the first BACK TO THE FUTURE, the reason why they dont have much time is because of they have to make sure George and Lorraine fall in love before lightning hits the clocktower


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