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I am based in the UK and advise industry, OH practitioners and businesses for the past 25 years on Occupational Health and Health and Safety matters.

Experience in the area

My particular area of expertise is around identifying and controlling hazards and risks in different workplaces to include call centres, hospitals, manufacturing, construction, food production plus working closely with HR to ensure action taken for long term absence or disability issues are dealt with in a fair manner taking into account current UK legislation.


Chartered Member of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health On the Safety Consultants Register Royal College of Nursing Professional registration with Nursing Midwifery Council


How to Start a Healthy Business: An Insiders Guide to Occupational Health Success eBook published on Amazon Occupational Health Magazine - Alcohol http://www.working-well-solutions.com blog Review of Construction Industry Standards Part 2 - for UK Construction Industry available on line at www.cbhscheme.com or hard copy for members of CBH 35 guidance documents for knowledge base England's free advice line for SME's http://www.health4work.nhs.uk/


Masters in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Diploma in Management Occupational Health Nursing Certificate (registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council on the 3rd Part of the Register in Public Health) Diploma in Health and Safety

Awards and Honors

Runner up in class for Occupational Health magazine 'best occupational health service' 2009

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