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Finding genuine medical information on the internet for health problems. Also finding preventive medical information, Child care information, Geriatric (old age) care information .

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I have been working as a general physician for three years and as a Geriatric (medical problems of old aged) specialist for about one year. I have also been working with WHO for vaccination drives. I am also experienced in AIDS prevention campaignes and education. Medical information website:


Medical Doctor with MBBS 1. Biomedical information retrieval certification. 2. Fellowship in Dendritic cell therapy from ICT, Noida, New Delhi NCR 3. Member of American Geriatrics Society 4. Having specialised Training in a. Dendritic cell therapy and Chemotherapy b. Hematology c. AIDS prevention d. Geriatric medicine (medical problems of old aged)


1. Medical Doctor with MBBS and Biomedical information retrieval certification. 3.Having specialised Training in a. Hematology b. AIDS prevention c. Geriatric medicine (medical problems of old aged)

Awards and Honors

Awarded the certificate of appreciation in the medical care services by: 1. Association for Social Welfare and education, New Delhi 2. Science aur Kainat Society of India

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p kumat11/25/16101010thanks for kind reply
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