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I would be happy to attempt to answer any questions about general pediatric topics, either medical issues or behavioral issues. This would include all the various questions one receives in a busy pediatric practice. I`m a board certified pediatrician in northern Michigan and have been in practice for over 15 years. I enjoy the teaching role I have in our practice and would enjoy the opportunity to help others with their pediatric problems.

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purva 09/19/16101010Thanx doctor for giving us response , u .....
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Recent Answers from David Olson, MD

2016-10-17 Enquiry for primary complex:

Hi, Katrina,     Sorry for the late reply.  Something got goofed up.  If the test was positive and and the Xray was suggestive, then she needs her medicine. If you mean can she take one tablet, then another

2016-09-18 Diarea in my 4 month old baby boy:

Hi, purva,     Diarrhea is handled differently in your part of the world.  In the USA, we never would stop breast feeding to help with diarrhea.  Breast milk is not causing the diarrhea. If he is healthy

2016-08-26 Dark spots on eye, normal?:

Hi, Reese, fellow Michigander!    When I look at this picture, everything seems normal.  The iris is the colored portion of the eye.  The rim of dark around the iris is a normal finding and the darker

2016-08-22 Infantile spasms or mimic 3 days after DTaP vaccine:

Hi, Ana,     Events happening 3 days after the 4 mo vaccines are hard to link to the vaccination.  We commonly feel that vaccination effects, if any, will occur in the first 48 hours after the shot. Generally

2016-08-10 Hand foot and mouth?:

Hi, Heather,     I apologize for the late and probably at this time, useless, reply.      There are several strains of viruses that cause the clinical syndrome we call HFM disease.  It is possible, albeit


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