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I would be happy to attempt to answer any questions about general pediatric topics, either medical issues or behavioral issues. This would include all the various questions one receives in a busy pediatric practice. I`m a board certified pediatrician in northern Michigan and have been in practice for over 15 years. I enjoy the teaching role I have in our practice and would enjoy the opportunity to help others with their pediatric problems.

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sowjanya04/04/17Thank you
Emma01/24/17101010Thank-you for taking the time to respond!

Recent Answers from David Olson, MD

2017-04-04 Quadrovax vaccine instead of penta:

Hi, sowjanya,     The doses of the penta need to be given at a minimum of 6-8 weeks apart.  There is no maximum time.  As long as he gets the three doses he should do well.  We don't use quadrovax in the

2017-03-04 o2 levels:

Hi, damian,     Healthy people don't need to be checking pulse oximetry.  When any of us has a viral illness with the symptoms you are having, our pulse ox may change a bit.  93-96 is absolutely fine.

2017-03-01 Sticky, clay-like poop in child:

Hi, Ellen,     Sorry about the delay.  Thought I answered but apparently not. With the dietary management not working, you may wish to try a daily dose of Miralax, 1/2 cap, mixed in 4 oz of liquid of choice

2017-01-27 Question about Immunization:

Hi, Michelle,     In general, we consider the Hep B series of three to be good for life.  There is no recommendation that it be repeated at any time. I had a question from a patient of mine just like this

2017-01-16 spo2 levels:

Hi, william,     Just checking stuff for no good reason is subject to a lot of mis-interpretation of normal phenomena.  Pulse ox varies on everyone, and sometimes the values aren't accurate.  If you are


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