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I would be happy to attempt to answer any questions about general pediatric topics, either medical issues or behavioral issues. This would include all the various questions one receives in a busy pediatric practice. I`m a board certified pediatrician in northern Michigan and have been in practice for over 15 years. I enjoy the teaching role I have in our practice and would enjoy the opportunity to help others with their pediatric problems.

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Emma01/24/17101010Thank-you for taking the time to respond!
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Recent Answers from David Olson, MD

2017-03-04 o2 levels:

Hi, damian,     Healthy people don't need to be checking pulse oximetry.  When any of us has a viral illness with the symptoms you are having, our pulse ox may change a bit.  93-96 is absolutely fine.

2017-03-01 Sticky, clay-like poop in child:

Hi, Ellen,     Sorry about the delay.  Thought I answered but apparently not. With the dietary management not working, you may wish to try a daily dose of Miralax, 1/2 cap, mixed in 4 oz of liquid of choice

2017-01-27 Question about Immunization:

Hi, Michelle,     In general, we consider the Hep B series of three to be good for life.  There is no recommendation that it be repeated at any time. I had a question from a patient of mine just like this

2017-01-16 spo2 levels:

Hi, william,     Just checking stuff for no good reason is subject to a lot of mis-interpretation of normal phenomena.  Pulse ox varies on everyone, and sometimes the values aren't accurate.  If you are

2017-01-15 spo2 levels:

Hi, william,     Why are you checking pulse oximetry?  Do you have some underlying condition?  Tell me more.  It sounds like your numbers are the normal variation and don't sound like they would be of


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