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I`m a huge Britney fan and literally know her life story! The types of questions that I can answer about Britney Spears are: her health and diet (now and then), her favorites, her style (what she wore and where to find it), latest gossip (even old gossip), her life in general, her career in music and pretty much anything else YOU can think of!

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Being a fan of hers for OVER a decade!


High School Graduate and College Student

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I like Britney Spears so much because like everyone else in the "normal" world, she has ups and downs and always gets back on top. We all go through daily struggles and times where the world seems like too much, but she does that and more all under a microscope and I admire her for that and her ability to sort it all out.

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Britney has used the alias "Alotta Warmheart" when checking into hotels

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it's Britney Spears -- how much more provocative and controversial can you get?!

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Mark04/18/13101010Thanks. I'll listen to all of those .....
Mark07/27/12101010Thanks. The full DVD collection 1999-2011 (and .....
Paul08/12/11101010Thanks. Toxic is my favourite too, with .....

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2013-04-16 Unreleased music:

Hey Mark!      There are SO many unreleased Britney songs!  Many artists record way more songs then what ends up on their albums, which is where I think most of the unreleased material comes from.  Producers

2012-07-21 Femme Fatale Videos - DVD?:

Hey Mark!  Sadly, Britney has not officially released her Femme Fatale music videos on DVD yet and there is no guarantee she will either.   I personally think she will be focusing on X-Factor for the next

2011-08-02 Britney's Favourite:

Hi Paul!      When giving interviews, Britney always says her latest video or single is her favorite, but I believe in one interview she has stated that Toxic was her all time favorite video to shoot because

2011-07-18 Britney DVD Compilation:

Hi Mark!    Britney's most recent DVD release of her music videos is The Singles Collection which was released in December of 2009.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been a release since then so that means

2011-05-16 about her greatsest hits cd picture:

At this time in Britney's life, she was very skinny and toned.  Through out the years, with stress, pregnancy, time off etc, her weight has fluctuated.  It's also important to remember that this is an


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