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I am a certifed member of QuickBooks® Professional Advisor group and can answer questions on Quickbooks® Basic and Pro, all versions through 2011. I do onsite, telephone and online consulting through my website at: http://www.karinhconsulting.com Have a complicated issue that you can't put into one question? Consider a one time FREE 60 minute phone consultation. (724) 557-4652

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I have worked with Quickbooks® since version 1, and have had a tip published on the Intuit website. I work exclusively with small business owners in setting up Quickbooks®, giving on-going support to tweak the reports, resolving data issues and correcting problems. I offer monthly, quarterly and yearly tune-ups to prepare the clients data for presentation to their CPA at year end.


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I have a degree in Administration and Management with 20 years of hands on business experience in many fields

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It helps to give the business owner an accurate view of the financial status of the company.

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Many times CPA's want the books set up only to aid them in tax preparation and QuickBooks® can do so much more for the business owner. Correctly set up it will help the owner get a firm overall view of their business and aid them in making proper financial decisions. It also integrates with hundreds of other business applications.

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2015-12-13 How can I check the specific currency related in the report?:

Hi Luck,  Sorry to say that once you select you home currency all reports will be in the currency. The only that that you could do would be to filter the customers in your Acccounts Receivable report with

2015-12-10 How to give the commission discount to my customer!:

Hi Luck,  the only bad question is the one not ask! :)    You may need to create an account called Returns and Allowances in the chart of accounts.  It would be an income account but would have a negative

2015-12-10 How to give the commission discount to my customer!:

Hi Luck,  My apologies, I should have qualified the need for a subtotal. It would be needed only if you have more than one line item.    The only other thing would be to be sure that the account for the

2015-12-10 How to give the commission discount to my customer!:

Hello Luck,  You will need to set up a discount item called "Commission Discount". When you set it up you will be able to set the percentage.  The income/expense account should be an income account called

2015-10-29 Merged job info w/ master:

Hi June,  I'm sorry for taking so long to answer.... no excuse other than I didn't catch it in my email.        As for your problem.  I'm not sure why you lost the notes.  When merging two  accounts the


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