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I can answer all questions regarding ICQ except those like: "I have lost my password, how do I get it back?" because I am not an ICQ Team member, so I cannot do anything about lost passwords.

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I did an education as a Management Assistant in Informatics, I am using ICQ since ICQ2000b, but of course I know the current ICQ client the best. I also used the alpha ComPad ICQ client.


Management Assistant in Informatics education under the control of the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

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Recent Answers from Joerg Droege

2015-10-17 how to become an operator at a chat room:

Hello Mohammed,    thanks for your question!    As first of how becoming an operator technically, check http://irchelp.org    On "How to become an operator in IRCQ (refering to the ICQ channels of icq

2014-11-26 icq chatrooms on mirc:

Hello there,      thanks for your question.    I am not using mIRC myself but this entry on the icq.com page should help you      http://www.icq.com/help/view_faq.php?faq_id=4340    please let me know

2014-02-10 ICQ related problem:

Hello Simon,    thanks for your question!    Firt of all, you are confusing 2 things! You were NOT chatting on ICQ, ICQ is an instant messaging client, for more info about it see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icq

2013-11-02 Securing ICQ On PC:

Hello Tom!    Thanks for your question!    Simply choose in the menu of ICQ to logout, and then login again, there should be a cancel button to cancel login. Then there should be 2 boxes for storing password

2013-09-10 Mobile show Offline:

Hello Sara,    thanks for your question. According to my knowledge, your assumption is correct. Facebook works the same way.    It doesn't make sense to show a user "online on mobile" if he has no network


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