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Tara Logan-Hearn

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returns 08/08/2017

I will, according to my knowledge and experience, answer questions that involve providing information, tips, and advice in an effort to help one improve the following common ethnic and black skin care concerns:

  • Acne on face and body
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots, melasma, etc.)
  • Excessive oiliness
  • Shaving Bumps
Although make-up is not my specialty, I'm happy to help with advice on caring for the skin while wearing makeup. I affirm that I can not answer questions to which attention by a doctor is necessary.

Experience in the area

  • Researched and studied ethnic skin care for too many years to count
  • Researched and studied skin care ingredients for over 12 years
  • Wrote dozens of successful articles as solutions to common ethnic skin care challenges
  • Developer of a natural skin lightening product for flawless skin of color
  • Owner of natural ethnic skin care company, Naturally Nubian, LLC
  • Author of eBook, Achieving Flawless Skin of Color


I've written for Bella Online, Beauty and Sugar, Self Growth and Oily Skin Blog. I've written the e-book entitled, "Achieving Flawless Skin of Color - 2 Easy Steps to Clear, Even-toned Skin From the Inside Out", which is now published.


  • Completed training in Herbal Medicine to understand how and why natural plants have a positive effect on skin and health
  • Plans include the completion of specialized training in Skin Lightening Biochemistry and Application, as well as Acne Biochemistry and Treatment

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David01/12/16101010Mrs. Logan-Hearn was kind and even encouraging .....
CJ09/27/15101010Thank you so much for the update! .....
CJ03/19/15101010Thank you so much! I got everything .....

Recent Answers from Tara Logan-Hearn

2016-01-01 Cystic acne flare ups:

Hi David and so sorry for such a late reply (don't know how you know it, but yes, I'm a pretty busy multi-tasker, lol). You know, you may have answered your own question...simple, but smart! What I mean

2015-10-31 tanning:

Hi Jashan. Thank you for contacting me. Seeing that you spend quite a lot of time outdoors as a sportsman, you may want to begin using a daily, high SPF sunblock that will keep your skin from getting darker

2015-09-22 Acne Pimples, Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera gel:

Hello CJ! I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you for giving me an update. Yeah, I know what you mean about having to make the recipe ever so often. You may not have to after all. You see, the Tea Tree oil

2015-04-13 Pigmentation:

Hello Sonia and my apologies for such a late reply. Although I am not a doctor, I can tell you that pigmentation issues can stem from things like sun damage (in the sun for extended time without using

2015-03-19 Acne Pimples, Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera gel:

Yes, CJ. You absolutely CAN save the mixture for an additional day or two in the fridge. The Tea Tree oil acts as a natural preservative to keep it from spoiling. Use it again tonight before bedtime. What's


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