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Long time enthusiast of birding, specifically of the birds of the island of HISPANIOLA (Dominican Republic and Haiti) in the CARIBBEAN. Also, some knowledge of CARIBBEAN FAUNA IN GENERAL. I also have a limited knowledge of birds of Eastern North America. I am NOT A VETERINARIAN NOR A BIRD BREEDER so can not give any information regarding bird diet, nesting habits, chick raising, etc.

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Amateur ornithologist since 1992.


Founding member of the Hispaniolan Ornithological Society.

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Recent Answers from Miguel Rodriguez

2012-08-05 bird identity:

Hello. If you give me the exact location where the photo was taken, then maybe that could help. At first glance it looks like a member of the Accipiter genus, but with a youngling like this -still covered

2011-06-23 dimond doves:

Hi    I had no idea, so I googled it an there's ton of related posts. Here's one answer I found:    "Yes they can. The only way they couldn't was if the loss of feathers was do to injury and the fearher

2011-06-02 care and human feeding of hatchling cardinal:

Well, if the parents continued to tend to them after you handled them, that is no longer the issue then.    I am not very familiarized with the brooding habits of these birds, but birds parents do motivate

2011-05-31 care and human feeding of hatchling cardinal:

Please explain "rescued".

2011-05-23 Mourning Dove abandoning babes:

If the device is on the inside of a garage, then move them, because if you don't then will you leave your garage door open all of the time? Maybe there's a tree or lamp post right outside where you can


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