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I can provide advice and answer rules queries on many tabletop roleplaying games. General advice on character & plot design for all games. Specific advice for rules queries on Classic D&D (BECMI up to Master level), D&D v3.5, Pathfinder RPG, AD&D2e, d20, Doctor Who (FASA) (possibly also Adventures in Time & Space - Cubicle 7), Gangbusters, Top Secret/S.I. (incl. Commando, Agent 13 and FREELancers), Classic Traveller, Spycraft, Stargate: SG-1, T&T (v5 & v7), Monsters! Monsters!, MSPE, GURPS (3e only), Chill (both versions), C&S (2e only), TimeMaster, Star Ace and Star Trek (1980`s FASA version only). Will also try best to partially answer any questions on original Top Secret, Castle Falkenstein (original and GURPS versions), James Bond 007, Colonial Gothic, The Babylon Project, Palladium's Beyond The Supernatural, 7th Sea, TimeLords, & Lejentia - although I am much less experienced with these particular systems. SORRY - I can't answer queries on computer, video or console games.

Experience in the area

I have been playing for 30 years. Most of that time I have been GM'ing in the above systems, plus playing in nearly all common systems during that time. I have also run a number of PBMs/PBeMs.


Cannock Games Club -


"Beaumains" (Arthurian Gaming 'zine) - article on pagan religions in gaming. Fiction & RPG reviews in "Who Suffers?" University-published Science Fiction/Fantasy Fanzine.


Honors degree (BSc. in Psychology). Web Publishing with HTML.

Awards and Honors

Roleplaying Trophy at Mythcon 1984.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Running further adventures in my d20 "Spycraft" campaign OR running a "Mutants & Masterminds" camapign based on the "Wild Cards" novels during 2012. One day (!) getting back to my hombrew 17th Century "Legends of Kernow" campaign using 'CHILL'/'The Beast Within' rules. Currently (Dec 2011) running two D&D v3.5 campaigns, one homebrew and one set in the official 'Forgotten Realms' setting.

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2013-11-24 D&D core druid questions:

Hi, Robbert-Jan, and thanks for the questions.    Because of the length, I am going to have to answer them in stages. First of all, congratulations on starting to play D&D and being brave enough to be

2012-10-16 Query re ad&d:

Geoff;    Thanks for the question.    I play at my home on Wednesdays and at a club on Sundays. All-in-all I regularly play or mix with around 30+ roleplayers. Many are fans of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

2012-08-28 A hug elemental?:

OK, I'll answer this rather bizarre question, even though I'm not convinced this isn't an elaborate prank. Not sure why you want a stat block, as this clearly isn't going to be used in a game of D&D. Also

2012-02-17 High - long jump and leap attack:

Pawel;    Thanks for this. Interesting question. For the record, as well as the 'Leap Attack' feat on p110 of 'Complete Adventurer', I've also checked Jump (skill) PHB p77 and Charge (special attack) PHB

2012-02-15 Trip as AoO while casting spell:

Pawel;    Many thanks for the question. I also appreciate that you have thought about this and done some research yourself, so that the question is both a sensible one and one that needs interpretation


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