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My main focus in the RPG category are the Final Fantasy installments VIII and X. I have played both of these games extensively, finished them, and know most (if not all) of the secret side quests/items that can be obtained in each game. If there are any questions concerning characters, plots, gameplay, hidden items/sidequests and strategies I can be of help. I have walkthroughs and other materials which contain little-known information that I can refer to for very detailed inquiries.

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My experience in the Final Fantasy area centers on the newer games that have come out since the release of the first Playstation game console. I would say that I have seven years of experience with Final Fantasy. That basically includes Final Fantasies VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2. I have also recently had a chance to get into Xenosaga Episode I and I enjoyed it very much. This is another game that I can help with thoroughly. I've also played Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and I have a great walkthrough for that game, in case anyone needs help with it.

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I love everything about videogames. I have been playing them since I was young and especially enjoy the newer Final Fantasy games.

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