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I can answer questions about creating your own computer RPG using RPG making engines that can be found online. I can also answer questions on where to find tutorials on making your own graphics, programming, and storyline.

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I have been using RPG making engines for over 4 years now and have tried a variety of different engines, including RM2K, Sphere, and RPG Toolkit.


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PixelJoint (

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Joseph06/23/08101010Thank you for very much for your .....
Roberto05/07/08101010Hi Mr. Musgrove. Thank you for help .....
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Hector07/31/07101010Thank you so much, you even gave .....

Recent Answers from Jason Musgrove

2008-05-05 about a professional RPG game engine:

Hi Roberto,    If you're feeling restricted by an RPG maker, I would recommend using a game maker instead.  Its true, RPG makers are very restrictive, most of them limiting you to their battle engine,

2007-09-30 How To End A Story?:

Hi Ayo,    This is a great question.  Its even better than the question of how to start the story.    The quick and easy answer is to end it with "...and they lived happily ever after."  But this isn't

2007-07-30 RPG tips:

Hi Hector!    As of yet, there aren't any 3D makers that are just for RPGs for the PC, with the exception of Realm Crafter, though Realm Crafter is a 3D MMORPG maker.  If you want to try Realm Crafter

2007-07-02 RPG Makers for PC:

Hi Justin,    Well, you certainly got the proper recommendations.  RPG Maker XP and RPG Toolkit are the best no-programming RPG makers you can get on the Net right now.    Here's the good news: Both of

2007-06-28 Making an RPG:

Hi Nik,    There are many RPG makers out there that don't involve any programming.  However, all RPG makers will require scripting of some sort.  This is because the mechanics are RPGs involve many events


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