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My expertise is in Vampire the Masquerade, 2nd and 3rd editions. I'll accept any question about any aspect of the game. I'm fluent in the LARP system, and passable in the TableTop system. My specialty, however, is less centered around mechanics, and focused in information, such as lore and history. I'm very good at creating character concepts and I can often come up with a reason for anything that someone might want to happen.

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Though I've only been playing Vampire for two and a half years, within my first month of playing, other players were asking me how disciplines worked. I learned the system extremely fast, and after only 5 months of experience, I was made a narrator in an elder chronicle. I was in charge of rule calls and I was the Storyteller's "loop hole queen." I have a massive amount of Vampire books, both print and PDF, so if I'm unsure of anything, I can always double check

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