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Budgeting, credit, collections, basic insurance and investing. Small business budgeting basic will and estate planning.

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Financial coach since 2009. Help coach people in personal and small business financces.


Head of financial ministries at Grace Fellowship of Augusta,Dave Ramsey Certified financial counselor and 20 years of doing it my self.

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Madison06/03/16101010Thank you, Tim. Your response very helpful .....
Grace04/12/16101010Thank you!
Bob10/06/15101010Excellent advice I will follow.

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2016-07-08 Credit Card Repayments:

Sam,    I think the best way to approach it is to list all of the balances, smallest to largest.  Pay the minimums on all but the smallest and throw everything you have at the smallest one.  After you

2016-04-10 debt reduction:

It is a reasonable plan, as long as you dont run the balance up on the ones you have transferred or the one you are paying off.  I would cancel the one you transfer.  Also make sure your necessities are

2015-12-10 Re load able CC or other methods of putting cash onto plastic:

I am assuming you are wanting to use the preloaded cards to keep you from overspending. These do charge you a fee a lot of the times to use them.  I would either use cash or deposit the money in a bank

2015-10-10 Drowning In Debt:

James,  Thank you for the question.  My goal here is to give you some options to choose from that best fits you and your situation which you have to determine.  First take a breath, it seems like it has

2015-10-01 Retirement budget:

Congratulations on retiring!   My first thought is to start living on the money when you get it. You will use the amount you need from savings or from that check. I would start living on it as soon as


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