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I hate to sound overly confident but questions about how to close or the sales processes, Buying tips, training issues and department leadership.

Experience in the area

My particular area or experience is automobile retail and motorcycle retail. I have worked as a Manager in those industries for 30 years including Sales Manager, General Manager, Sales Person, Training Manager


Mensa, Central Florida Writers association. Indy Writers


Automotive News, Aller Welt magazine (Mercedes Benz) Ford Times I have published six books Four apply to this category, "Sales Manager's Helper", "Automobile Sales Without Confrontataion" and "Motorcycle Sales Without Confrontation" "The Informed Buyer"


My educational credentials are from the schools within the industry, consulting companies and manufacturers. Outside of the automotive industry I attended college in New York

Awards and Honors

Sales management awards from many different manufacturers

Past/Present Clients

Private but many

What do you like about this subject?

It is important, interesting and not easy to understand

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

The industry changes constantly. I would like to help with the public awareness and some of the needed changes in the auto industry

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

In the sales field, regardless of the product, It isn't about management, It's about leadership and coaching

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2016-06-29 question:

I think when meeting with a customer you should mention you are the manager only when you need to. If you are talking with a past customer of yours, they still see you as a salesperson so I suggest a personal

2014-07-13 Career path:

     Your first question isn't about management, it is about career development.  Now that the contract is renewed I have only one word for you, "patience."  Let the atmosphere at your job get back to

2013-01-17 Sales operations team organization:

The answer to your question depends on the way your team handles it's sales process. If your sales people handle the entire process, from sale to delivery of the product then I would say that layers of

2012-09-13 job issue:

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking me how you should act until your goal period is over and how to get more time to achieve your goal. The following is what I would do.  Instead of

2012-07-27 sales with quotas:

Jay,   It would seem you are on a commission of one type or another.  When you are paid by the hour and have a quota, that is a form of commission.  It's always OK, and a good idea, to ask what your paid


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