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I have visited Ireland 50 times since 1973 and know the Emerald Isle like the back of my hand. That`s why everyone calls me the “Ireland Expert”. Besides writing a book about Ireland called “IRELAND DREAM TRIP” - formerly "BEST LITTLE GUIDE TO IRELAND" - (which I update yearly and is now in its 20th edition) I also plan customized itineraries to Ireland for my clients. I really enjoy helping others plan their trips to the Emerald Isle and I love answering thousands of questions at various travel forums dedicated to Ireland. I have a forum at`ve produced a web site to help people planning a trip to Ireland. "IRELAND YES" can be visited at: My favorites list for Ireland follows and may help you plan your trip...MICHELE`S IRELAND TOP 10 LIST... 1. Cliffs of Moher (Co. Clare) 2. Dingle Peninsula (Co. Kerry) 3. Killarney Area (Co. Kerry) 4. Kenmare (Co. Kerry) 5. Connemara (Co. Galway) 6. Kinsale (Co. Cork) 7. Kilkenny (Co. Kilkenny) 8. Cashel (Co. Tipperary) 9. Glendalough & Powerscourt (Co. Wicklow) 10. Giant`s Causeway (No. Ireland)... I really know my stuff so if you have any TRAVEL REALTED QUESTIONS about Ireland I`m the person to ask!

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AUTHOR: "Ireland Dream Trip" & "Best Little Guide to Ireland": ~ ~ ~ CUSTOM IRELAND ITINERARIES: ~ ~ ~ "IRELAND EXPERT": ~ ~ ~ ASK MICHELE IRELAND TRAVEL FORUM: ~ ~ ~ IRELAND YES: ~ ~ ~ IRELAND DISCOUNTS: ~ ~ ~


Certified by Tourism Ireland as an Ireland Travel Expert Over 38 years experience in Ireland travel

What do you like about this subject?

As an Irish American I love everything about travel to Ireland and helping people plan their trips to the Emerald Isle. I have designed a web site called "IRELAND YES" just for that purpose:

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to plan many more trips to Ireland for those who need my advice. Since I do consultations on a personal one-to-one basis, I only have a limited amount of time available for new clients but I hope to free up more time in the future so that I can accept more clients every year. I also enjoy learning more about Ireland at every opportunity.

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Ireland is a small island about 300 miles long and 150 miles wide, located in northwest Europe. Two separate countries share the island--the Republic of Ireland, which takes up about five-sixths of the Emerald Isle and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

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Hi Breanna,    Sorry for not answering immediately but I was traveling in Ireland and then home again. Ireland is a wonderful place to connect to your ancestry and the Irish people are so friendly and

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Evelyn,    Both Ireland and Scotland are lovely countries to visit. If you only have two weeks, I suggest choosing one country and seeing it. With only one week per country you will be giving each one

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How lovely that you are going to visit your niece in Ireland this May. Since that date is approaching fast, you need to start your planning immediately. Here are a few links and articles to jump-start


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