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ALL MICROSOFT ACCESS DESIGN AND Development QUESTIONS which occur in a Access Projects Lifecycle. Can offer constructive help on Designing Advanced MS-ACCESS Applications such CRM/FRM(Follow-up),HSE-Health,Safety & Environmental Applications,School Management Systems,Hotel Software, Hospital Software,Chemicals Indenting,Import/Export,MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning, ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, Automotive Management Systems, Business Intelligence for Oil & Gas Drilling Operations, CRM,KPI- Key Performance Indicators,HealthCare, Hospitality, Constructions, Loyalty Clubs, Call Centers, Travel & Tourism, Educational Institutions, Industrial Strength Invoicing and many more being added every year.

Experience in the area

29+ yrs in the Software industry with 23yrs completely dedicated on more than 350 Various Microsoft Access Projects from different Industry Sector[s]. I'm using Access ever since it was born.


Worked in various multinationals catering from Aerospace, Oil & Gas etc.


-BSc - Computer Science -MSAP (Master in Software & Applications Programming) -BPRE (Business Process Re-engineering Engineer) -SQAE (Software Quality Assurance Engineer) -STIE (Software Testing & Inspection Engineer) -Project Engineer (Software Development)

Past/Present Clients

Catered to various clients in the following industries • Oil & Natural Gas (BPM/CRM/Access Development) • Sales / Marketing (CRM) • Automotive (Automobile Dealers) • Logistics & Indenters (Import/Export) • HealthCare / Hospitals • Hotels 3* & 5* • Restaurants • Construction Co’s (Project Billing) • Clubs (Concept Selling) • Shoe-Chains • Solicitors/Lawyers • Call Centers • Aerospace (Preventive Maintenance) • Travel & Tourism • Computer Vendors • Manufacturing • Music Shops • Education • Data Warehousing • Health,Safety & Environmental Applications • Mud Engineering • School Management Software

What do you like about this subject?

This is an amazing tool for bringing and marrying different databases into one single pool. No Corporate firm will ever reveal the fact that they use MS-Access because of prestige, they might allways pick on the bigger giants. But the fact remains that all the middle work is done by MS-Access unknowingly.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Although I know so much about this subject, yet I feel I have to still explore & learn more. Nobody can say he knows complete MS-Access, this subject is so vast one will allways remain a student including myself.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

This can serve as a wonderfull front-end to the worlds best databases. People consider Access to be very small, but if used properly you will be surprised to see what it can do for you. (Believe me I run some of the Major Operations of a Multinational using PURE ACCESS on a Middle Tier).

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

People allways compare it with Oracle. I feel Oracle should be compared with SQL-Server, then we are talking Muscle Power here.

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Maya05/22/1510Thank you Manish, your help was priceless .....
Maya05/21/1510Thank you Manish Batola
sher05/05/15101010Thanks for your reply, I know how .....
sher04/23/15101010Thanks Manish for the prompt reply

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2015-10-26 Split an Access Database:

Hello Maya,    All your reports are in the Front-end copy of your split database. Please check and let me know if your database extension is .accdb or .accde. If it's .accde then the database is encrypted

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Dear Maya,    The Totals option is embedded in the "Summary Options" button. Please check the attachedscreenshot I have sent you with this email.  When you click on the "Summary Options" button in the

2015-05-20 Cumulative values:

Hi Maya,    This solution applies to MS-Access Ver 2010.    -First create a Query which has all the required fields  -In the new query have the following parameter entered in your Beginning date  field


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