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I can answer general Access questions and also specific ones about Replication. I am not a good person to ask Access 2007 specific questions. For free online Access tutorials, look here:

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Have worked with Access for over 10 years. Built one application for nonprofits that is used in over 235 nonprofits in the USA and Canada. Built an application using replication involving 25-30 laptops and three servers in three business sites each having three replicated master copies of the database.

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B.A. Mathematics; MBA

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2011-01-04 visual basic help:

What you propose is not a good approach.  Instead make the primary key for the record an autonumbered field so it is unique by definition.  Then the user's last name, first name and other data you store

2010-09-16 Access Forms and a vba module.:

Normally you do it the referse of what you are saying.  YOu define fields on a form that will later be accessed by the module and used there.  If you want to save the values from usage to usage, set up

2010-08-05 Database Structure Design:

I am available to answer specific questions of a technical nature.  I am not available for free to design your database/system for you.    Some free Access training is available here:    http://webpages

2010-07-20 DateValue:

It does work for me.  I found the following in the HELP within Access    Visual Basic for Applications Reference  DateValue Function  See Also    Example    Specifics    Returns a Variant (Date).    Syntax

2010-07-20 DateValue:

Check your query very cafefully.  Expand the column having the above expression.  I will bet you will find an extra, unbalanced ")" at the very end.


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