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I have experience in working with Access queries, forms and reports.

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have been programming in access for the past 2 years.

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2008-05-07 deleting records...:

Hi,    you got to create a join between these two tables on ClientID and then perform the delete query.    For eg    DELETE FROM tbltrcclient WHERE ClientID IN (  SELECT T.ClientID FROM tbltrcclient T

2008-05-07 deleting records...:

Hi Enrico,    there has to be some common column or matching criteria. What's the structure of the two tables?

2006-09-25 access check box:

Hi Laura,    I don't think you need to create any macro. Seems there is some conflict/error in the control name. Just delete that checkbox control and add a new one (this time give it a name without any

2006-09-22 access check box:

Hi Laura,    yes that is possible. Drag and drop a checkbox onto the form. Next add the following code to the checkbox's AfterUpdate event -    Private Sub Check4_AfterUpdate()  If Me!Check4.Value = True

2006-09-21 microsoft access(long question):

Hi Ron,    you will pass that data to your query. You will have to check the exact syntax for that.    For ex -    SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE LocationID = intLocationID AND UserID = intUserID    where


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