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I can answer most questions on database design using Access. I can help with VBA too. I can integrate engineering and business needs in the database design.

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I have more than 15 years of MS Access database design experience.


College degree in engineering. Graduate degrees in engineering and management. Current PHD student - concentration Industrial Engineering.

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2016-01-11 Access Reports:

Hi,  The best practice is to create a form with dropdown boxes where you can select the report and click a button to print the selected report.    You can create a table with the names of the reports,

2014-07-16 Reorder points and email notifications:

Hi Stuart,    Sorry for getting back late. Well, it can be done and this is how usually it is done:    1. Create a table (tblMinInvLvl) with minimum inventory levels for the items. Fields: Item, MinInvLvl

2014-07-15 microsoft access hyperlink:

Open the table in Datasheet view.  You will see the new field for the hyperlink. They should have been blank initially.   If you have anything, you will need to delete them. I guess you have the same website

2014-07-14 microsoft access hyperlink:

Hi Megan,    Open the table in design view.  Add a field.  Select "Hyperlink" for Data Type.  Save the table.  Close the table in Datasheet view.   Enter website addresses in the new hyperlink field.

2013-07-05 Access VBA:

Hi Charles,    You can create a query to do get the earliest date first. Save this query as "qryEarliestDate"  and use it as the RecordSource for the form. On the form use design view and VBA icon to get


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