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database designing,event driven programming,capturing/updating data programmitically using ms access 2000 and ms access 2002

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multiple yrs. as a vb programmer


Metal Industry


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B.Com, ACMA(Associate member of Cost & Management Accountants Of India)

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2016-02-05 Sort listbox:

Both the the command buttons viz. cmdAsc and cmdDesc should have the following code in their On Click event procedure    Private Sub cmdAsc_Click()      Me.List6.RowSource = "SELECT Table1.EquipmentId

2012-07-09 vba GIVES ERROR:

1) Does this code was successfully running in 2003.  2) Kooinummer field is Text field or numeric    FIRST MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR DATABASE  =========================================  3) Try to update

2010-08-02 event not firing on the text box in the form:

try to use LostFocus event instead AfterUpdate. To check if Update event is being fired or not write Stop after Private Sub DtOfManufacture_AfterUpdate() line.    If code breaks at Stop then the event

2010-03-16 Access 2003: Autofill/Auto Populate fields:

right click Insur coverage Type combo and then scroll to Row source click (...) ellipses. it will take you to the query grid. see how the field 3 is used to match with field 1.    use the same criteria

2010-03-16 Access 2003: Autofill/Auto Populate fields:

i couldn't understand your question. would you elaborate with example?  


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