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I am happy to answer any kinds of questions about Microsoft Access - from basic table design to advanced VBA programming. Also, please feel free to check the Access Tips & Tricks section of my web site, and free Access 101 tutorial.

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I am the president of and I specialize in Microsoft Access Tutorials. I have been teaching Access in the classroom since 1994, and online since 2002.


I am a self-taught Access expert. I have been building databases for clients since the early 90s. You can see a sample of my Access Tutorials on my web site at

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2015-06-10 How to use combo box to choose monthly reports:

Making a combo box with monthly values is easy. Just make a VALUE LIST where the values are:    1, "January", 2, "February" - and so on    You can then use that field along with whatever other criteria

2014-12-28 Outer Join:

There's a LEFT JOIN and a RIGHT JOIN. Both are OUTER joins. It all depends on which table you want to see all records from. Again, these are both covered in my lessons, and you can get to them by double-clicking

2014-12-27 Outer Join:

Access most certainly DOES allow outer joins in the IDE. On the join line in your query, double-click on it, and you'll see options for an outer join (show all records from table 1 and related records

2014-10-21 Assigning Sequential Numbering with Project Code:

You don't need an event for that, just put the DMAX in the Default Value property for that field in Form Design View.    =DMax("ProjectNumberInt","ProjectListT")+1    As long as you seed the table with

2014-09-08 From Report, open subform to specific record:

You're much better off using FORMS for this. Reports are used for PRINTING, but I don't recommend using them to interact with on the screen.    By using a form, all you have to do is set up the right parent


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